Is it possible to treat varicose veins without wearing compression stockings?

Is it possible to treat varicose veins without wearing varicose veins stockings?

Varicose Veins Treatment with Adhesive

One of the newest methods that increase patient comfort in the treatment of varicose veins is the treatment using adhesive. It is aimed to close the veins within a few seconds by injecting the adhesive produced for medical use (for use in humans) into the insufficiency (functionally disabled vein) that causes varicose veins. In this way, varicose veins can be treated without using any anesthesia, incision or suture (non-surgical method). Varicose veins (finger-sized varicose veins), otherwise there is no need to apply socks and elastic bandages. If there are varicose veins, it is sufficient to wrap an elastic bandage only on these areas. Patients can return to their normal lives on the same day.

How is it applied?

A very small amount of local anesthesia is given to the area where the source vein causing the varicose is located, under ultrasound guidance, the catheter used for gluing is placed inside the vein causing varicose veins and external varicose.

Post treatment

After the treatment is completed, patients continue their daily lives without interruption.


There is little or no bruising, pain and swelling in the procedure area in the first 24-72 hours, since there is no need for local anesthetics given from several different regions around the vein, which is obligatory to be used in laser treatment.
Does not require general anesthesia or waist numbing
Technically easier to apply than any other treatment
The success rate is the same as other treatments
It completely eliminates the risk of skin, nerve damage and numbness due to the heat generated by laser and radiofrequency.
It can be applied very comfortably and easily for patients.

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