Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Cengiz Türkay, “Small Incision Kroner By-Pass Surgery, which is new in Kroner By-Pass surgery methods, is now more preferred for the comfort of patients.”
Disadvantages of patients in open heart surgeries have become a thing of the past with this method.
prof. Dr. Türkay described the Small Incision Kroner By-Pass Surgery as follows;
By reaching the area where coronary bypass will be applied between the ribs through an incision of approximately 5-6 centimeters made 1 cm above the breast level without cutting the bone in the thorax, blood is supplied by a second vein (by pass) from the obstruction in the coronary artery.

Advantages of Patients?

Expressing that they had a positive and painless recovery process for patient comfort compared to open heart surgeries, Prof. Dr. Cengiz Türkay continued his words as follows.
“Patients gain a great advantage during the recovery period in coronary bypass operations with small incisions. When viewed from the front, the trace of the operation is small. In addition, during the recovery process, patients will not have to lie on their back all the time after the operation, and they will be able to turn to the right or left as they wish. An advantage of the operations performed with this method is that there is very little bleeding. Most of the people who have undergone the operation state that their pain is not at a very high level.”

Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Cengiz Türkay stated that “Incision and Kroner By-Pass surgeries are not suitable for every patient, and the decision is made by cardiovascular surgeons.” said.

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