Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The security and privacy rules on this page have been set in order to determine the security and privacy limits for the transactions you make on and the personal information you provide.

What does this privacy policy include?

This privacy policy is valid on all sites starting with the URL

Seeing the logo on any site does not mean that these security rules are valid on that site. You need to check the URL and make sure that it is indeed a page that belongs to the Healthy Life Promotion and Health Policies Association, the owner of the domain name. Because there may be people who want to use our Logo without permission and maliciously. In such cases, please contact us at our address:

What personal information does store?

You do not have to give us any personal information to visit our site. But if you are going to use services, you have to be a member and provide some personal information. Whenever you visit our site, our web server saves the IP address to which your browser is connected as an anonymous user. Depending on your request, the cookie information stores the text searches you have made within the pages of Thanks to this information, the ads that will appear on the site in the future can be personalized in line with the content you are interested in. stores the personal information of users for three main purposes: to fulfill your requests for certain services, to get to know you better during meetings and before meetings, to ensure that you are informed about events and services.

Security of personal information:

The Healthy Life Promotion and Health Policies Association keeps all your personal identification information confidential. However, they must know your name and address and other personal information in the forms you fill out.

Links to Other Sites provides links to the websites of advertising, banner or sponsoring companies. is not responsible for the use of information, ethical principles and privacy principles of the linked sites.

User Requests/Feedbacks , all kinds of requests, suggestions and questions sent to us by members and visitors regarding the site are stored in order to measure site performance. This information cannot be used for any purpose other than to respond to individuals themselves.

Content Usage

No text or graphics published on can be used by third parties without permission. The content material or functionality on this site cannot be published in other channels.


Except as provided herein, no material may be copied, reproduced, distributed, displayed, uploaded, replayed, posted, transmitted, reproduced, including but not limited to, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recorded, or in any other form.

It is permissible not to modify the materials on this site for personal, non-commercial use only for display, copying, distribution, or uploading, and if you are the legal owner of all legal and other personal notes contained in the materials. If you are not, you may not copy everything here to other servers without the permission of the Healthy Life Promotion and Health Policy Association. This permission automatically expires when you break any of these terms. You must immediately destroy any material you upload or illustrate regarding this threat. Any unsigned use of any material on this site violates copy laws, commercial laws, security and publicity laws, and communications laws and statutes.

The safety information on this page is updated from time to time by the Healthy Life Promotion and Health Policies Association. Please check this information periodically. In some cases, the warnings on the Healthy Life Promotion and Health Policies Association site will inform you about new safety practices. You can write your security questions and problems to [email protected].