22.5 million people worldwide have heart failure. 2 million people are diagnosed with heart failure each year. 10% of these patients enter end-stage heart failure. 50% of patients with this end-stage heart failure die. Worldwide, 250 thousand patients die each year due to end-stage heart failure. An average of 800,000 people in our country have heart failure. It is estimated that 5,000 people have end-stage heart failure.

Treatment methods in patients with end-stage heart failure, depending on the cause of heart failure, can be listed as high-risk valve replacement, bypass surgeries, stem cell transplantation, artificial heart application and heart transplantation.

Among these treatment methods, 90% of the patients survive, especially in the first year after heart transplantation. This rate is as high as 80% at the end of 5 years. Without such practices, only 50% of the patients would have survived at the end of the 1st year and only 25% at the end of the 5th year. The artificial heart application ensures that patients waiting for a heart survive this waiting period. To date, 75 patients have undergone heart transplantation and 100 patients have undergone artificial heart surgery in our clinic. Most of these patients are discharged from the hospital and carry out their normal daily activities.